Taking Care Of An Unsightly Tree Stump

Getting rid of a tree is quite a trying task. As much as we love them, trees can sometimes be an impediment when their location is less than ideal. When they grow old and frail, they pose a hazard in the case they collapse on their own weight. Cutting a tree down is easy, and requires little skill.

It is removing the stump that is left behind and that is the real arduous task. If left to remain, a stump is visually unaesthetic and can distract from what is otherwise a beautiful natural space. Then there is the potential pest problem that it can bring with termites. In this case, tree stump grinding in Perth as well as removal services can come to your rescue.

Stump RemovalRemoving a stump is easier said than done, regardless of whatever equipment is present. Some trees, when felled by natural events, are uprooted and this makes getting rid of it easy. But when it is deliberately cut, the remaining stump is stubborn to deal with. You basically have two options- removal or grinding.

Stump removal is chosen for trees that have not taken root very deeply. When it is established that the stump can actually be removed, the soil around it is removed and the stump reasonably exposed. Equipment is then used to haul it out of the ground, and out of your life. The equipment of choice can be anything with strong enough torque, which sadly, your car or truck possibly lacks. In other words, it is unwise to attempt to remove the stump yourself, but you should hire professional service. For example, to remove the stump of palm trees, you can hire reputed palm tree removal in Perth.

Stump GrindingFor a stump that is too stubborn to pull out of the ground, grinding is the only plausible option. Grinding involves first cutting the tree down to near ground level. Afterwards, a grinder is used to shred the stump into mulch. It can be ground as far as the machine can reach depending on the location of the stump. Afterwards whatever part of the stump is left is covered in soil and left buried deep in the ground where it won’t bother anyone. Natural decomposition will cause it to be broken down, deep in the soil over time. The mulch that is generated from the grinding can be used for composting or other practical purpose. If not, the grinding service can opt to collect it away from the site, usually for a small fee.

Stump grinding and removal services are widely available in Perth and all other areas of Australia. You will often find that the companies that offer the service will also do a myriad of other tree related services such as transplanting, pruning and arboriculture. Make sure you get a quote on all the pertinent prices that might not be immediately reflected in their pricing packages.